Analog / Digital
CAN Transceiver

Develolab’s Analog-to-Digital (ADC) & Digital-to-Analog (DAC) converter, features independent channels for each the ADC and DAC functionalities as well as a high-quality CAN transceiver chip which enables high-speed bi-directional data transmission.

This device can be useful for the development of electronics, in which the implementation of a high-speed CAN-based communication protocol already exists.  

Package Contents:
  • Device module
  • 3D-Printed plastic housing
  • Pre-tinned wiring harness pigtails

  • Connectors not included.

    This device may require some assembly, and programming prior to being useable.  

    The image displayed is only used as an example to show the possible appearance of a completed device. Actual product contents may vary.

    This device is considered experimental and is designed strictly for developmental purposes only. Usage of this device outside of controlled environments could lead to personal harm and(or) bodily injury. This product is sold without any guarantees of the hardware reliability.